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Hello Camille,

On 16/04/2013 21:44, Camille Bissuel wrote:
> Hi Alex !
> Sidenote : If you want to join the infrastructure team, your candidature
> is very likely to be accepted ;p

Thanks, I take note of it ;)

> On the Wordpress vs Mediawiki debate, we think about it, and Wordpress
> win because :
>   * a real wiki is a lot much more work to maintain (it's not a one man
>     job), mainly because a wiki is more sensitive to spam and security
>     problem, and also because it's harder to organize after a few years

It is true that the installations of it I use are subject to spam, 
although at a low rate. But the wordpress install I use are too. I don't 
know so much about the maintenance of mediawiki so I don't know how 
harder it is to prevent spam on it, as compared to wordpress.

On the organization side, you are true that it is important to garden 
wikis. But isn't it the price to pay for a richness of contributions :) 
So I'm not sure the wordpress + plugin helps here if it happens to drawn 
the same amount of activity. Could we imagine that someone is take care 
of keeping this place neat?

>   * our website is not so small, and require several features (RSS,
>     multilingual, forms, syndication, themes), that aren't core of a
>     wiki and we have to set them up each year

Right; it needs to be dug.

>   * we had a bad experience with Anwiki (don't you remember ?) before
>     moving to Wordpress

I would say it was an _interesting experience_. The main problem to me 
was that we had to edit the content using plain HTML; it was not the 
wiki system per such.

>   * Wordpress is easy to update, and there are tons of plugins to answer
>     quickly to any request

(m)any? ;)
But right, the wordpress community offers a fruitful ecosystem.

>   * We already have a theme for Wordpress, and we would have to create a
>     theme for Mediawiki ( two weeks of work, and it's not a priority)

Yep, Although I'd be happy to re-design it with you on a loose schedule. 
Could we imagine, if the (wo)man power is sufficient enough to have a 
cms-like app for the yearly editions of LGM and a wiki for the other 
contributions? I'd love to help on this but it is rather difficult at 
the moment. Ultimately, I think it is important that the people who will 
take care of it feel good about the tool they go for. So, as of today, 
the choice is up to you!


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