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dear LGMers,

here is a report on the LGM communication infrastructure, with some
proposals for the further steps.

**create mailing list**

the place for the general discussions on the LGM. each member of the
organization team should be subscribed. all the LGM projects should have
at least one member represeting it on this list.

it's a list with a rather broad list of people and low traffic.

**lgm mailing list**

the place for the discussion among the LGM organization team. each
member of the team should be subscribed. other people can subscribe and
follow the discussion and give occasionnal contributions (if your
contributions become regular, you should probably get into the team)

please don't cross post to the lgm and create lists.


instead of a wiki we propose to use a titanpad (or any other sort of

-   it enables a real time collaborative work

-   no spam

-   no infrastructure for manage (if we use an existing platform)

-   you can see the history

-   we have a \*pad at
    [http://lgm.titanpad.com](http://lgm.titanpad.com/) (if somebody
    proposed a better platform it's ok for us)

-   each member of the (local + global)= organization team has an
    account for it and can add pads. they can choose if the pad should
    be public (and promoted in public), only on invitation or "private"
    to the team.

-   content that is "finished" is copied into the /lgm wordpress as
    pages for archiving. the history is kept as a pad.


a site with static information on the LGM. currently the following pages
have already been created:

-   a front page: a general statement (to be improved) and a picture

-   about: a description of the LGM

-   organization team: who is organizing and what he/she is doing; it's
    ok for everybody to be mentioned with first and last name? would
    anybody against putting a picture of each person?

-   the past lgm: a list (done) with a description and picture of each
    past LGM (to be done)

-   contact

-   a link to the create mailing list and the irc channel (with web

-   in the future we can add other addresses (like the LGM list... but
    i'm not sure that it's best entry point maybe an email address that
    gets forwarded to the LGM list?)

-   Public documentation : General information, accessible to anyone,
    about how the LGM is organized. Most of the old wiki information
    should go here. We can imagine that we will need the sections "Media
    and Press" or "Sponsors", one for the people that want to organize
    an LGM or help with the organization. (to be created)

-   Team: a section with internal pages that are only visible for people
    logged in (internal documents like samples of emails sent to
    sponsors, ...)

-   News:  blog entries; most of the news should probably go to the
    current /201x site, we will see if a /lgm/news section is needed for
    specific news like a "call for next year venue".

-   Documents uploaded to this Wordpress (wordpress "medias") will be
    available to team members through this site, so it's also a way to
    share documents (logos, press communication, etc.).

each member of the organization team should have an editor account and
be able to edit/create pages.

please ask for an account if you need it now! otherwise you will
automatically get one as soon as the platform is stable.


-   mod\_rewrite does not yet work for /lgm but is planned

-   the site is run with wordpress

-   for now, the theme is just the default one with very small tweaks.

-   the "team documentation" section is visible to connected peoples


-   which pages from the old create wiki should be imported?

-   we should find a menu structure to integrate the "checklist" (or
    form) for the venues candidates (menu structure)?


a site site with current information about the current LGM.

it's mostly filled by the local organization team.


-   the site is run with wordpress

-   each site is archived as static html as soon as no further edit is
    needed (when the new /201x becomes the default one?)


a github repository with the code specific to the LGM website (theme,
templates, config files, ...)

it also has an issues tracker for logging what is being done on the
platform and what the wishes are.

you can add bug reports and wishes in there!

**social media**

we have:

-   g+ (ale)

-   identi.ca (ale)

-   twitter

-   facebook

-   flickr

and still have to check who has the keys for what...

of course, this mail has been written on titanpad and if the proposition
are accepted, the information above will be added to the /lgm wordpress!

waiting for your comments!


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