[LGM] g+ hangouts on air

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Wed Nov 20 07:58:17 PST 2013

On 11/20/2013 05:23 AM, Tobias Ellinghaus wrote:
> Am Mittwoch, 20. November 2013, 12:54:50 schrieb Jehan Pagès:
>> Hi
> Hi.
>> On Wed, Nov 20, 2013 at 12:27 PM, Jon Nordby <jononor at gmail.com> 
>> wrote:
>>> On 19 November 2013 23:33, Dave Crossland <dave at lab6.com> 
>>> wrote:
>>>> On 19 November 2013 13:55, Jon Nordby <jononor at gmail.com> 
>>>> wrote:
>>>>>> that's been the case at all previous meetings?
>>>>> We generally get the stuff recorded (by professionals 
>>>>> even!)
>>>> That's precisely my point - we get stuff recorded _with 
>>>> proprietary software_ and we _do not_ live stream it, and it 
>>>> often takes days/weeks/months for the recordings to get 
>>>> published.
>>>> Google Hangouts on Air does live streaming and publishing 
>>>> within hours, support CC licensing, and may work with free 
>>>> software (chromiumOS)?
>>> There seems to be several points raised. 1) a want for live 
>>> streaming (not just recording) 2) the time from recording to 
>>> published video 3) the use of non-free software
>>> I am personally fine with the way things have been handled up 
>>> until now, so I don't have much of an opinion on these
>>> matters, as long as it gets done. But, I would like to point
>>> out that Google Hangouts is an entirely proprietary service,
>>> and so I do not see how it helps anything at all with point 3.
>> I agree too that we should not use proprietary services whose 
>> sole goal is just to gather information and sell it for 
>> advertising.
>> There exist nice Free Software to do the same kind of things. Of
>>  course that requires some more work. And if none has time to
>> set up one of these live streaming alternatives, we just have
>> some delay in the videos being published later on the website.
>> And so what? I don't think that's so terrible, and at least LGM
>> keeps some self-integrity towards its goal (*Libre* Graphics).
>> It's too bad that many of us made Google accounts already after
>> resisting for years, I'd prefer that Free Software meetings at
>> least stay real irreproachable FOSS havens, and not participate
>> in pushing people to create accounts to one proprietary service
>> or another. So that's my opinion: if we want to do live
>> streaming, we find and set up a nice open solution where *anyone*
>> can see it, without any "user account" on some service. If nobody
>> has the time for it, fine, we just don't do it. I still think
>> it's better than using Google Hangout.
> I totally agree, we should stay away from Google at all costs.

Not sure I would say "at all costs", but even before the whole NSA
controversy, it has been of concern that Google has set itself up as a
content sponge.

Conceivably there might be some licensing considered to spell out
ownership of the material, and suggest that any advertising-associated
revenues should be shared with the content creators.

It also won't hurt to keep tweaking Google to consider increasing its
sponsorship of LGM to further the health of the FOSS community. In
many ways, LGM is a niche group, yet I would hope they can agree it's
a very important niche.


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