[LGM] hello LGM2014 content team!

Femke Snelting snelting at collectifs.net
Thu Nov 21 03:13:38 PST 2013

Dear all,

Enjoying the discussion and thanks for your exciting proposal Christoph!

We were intitially thinking to produce a synthesis of all sliders into one image, but I really like the way you brought back the flags from the logo and somehow it humorously represents the many territories, people, cultures, perspectives that come together to meet at LGM.

On 19/11/13 20:27, ale rimoldi wrote:
> hi pippin,
>> The purpose of these categories/parameters the way I proposed them is
>> about distinguishing the type of talks/content from each other. I
>> definetly want to have the cateogry of how much live demonstration, be
>> it live-coding, actual use of tools or similar there is. The dimension
>> you seem to be referring to should be covered by the "artistic"
>> slider/dimension - this needs to be clarified. Maybe "artistic" should
>> be replaced with "design" - or "visual".
>> There is one thing I am opposed to though, that is the use of the
>> terms "designer" and "developer" in the call for content, in use these
>> categories seem to be mutually exclusive and encourage a
>> divide/tribalism that I consider undesirable at LGM.
> no, i thought it as a different category than "art", not as an
> antinomy... it really would not replace "art".
> btw, i don't see any of the category as mutual exclusive with any of
> the other ones.
> it's about degrees!

Thanks ale, pippin for re-emphasizing the fact that these categories are not opposed nor value statements. I was just revising the call for projects, and felt it is quite an interesting experiment especially with this year's special focus?

> among the four category proposed, demo/live just happens to be the one
> that is a bit less important *for me* and so it is the one i
> would remove if i should only pick 4 labels.

+ 1

> i hope it's more clear now.

yes :-)


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