[LGM] url for the call for participation

ale rimoldi a.l.e at ideale.ch
Fri Nov 29 10:09:47 PST 2013

hi greg && jon,
>> Meanwhile, back at the original subject ...
>> Is there a way to have another layer on this CFP issue, where attendees
>> might request that some talk on some topic take place?
>> You might consider this a form of marketing, where you try to give the
>> audience what they want, not just what some collection of people wants
>> to talk about.
> Excellent.
> We have a field in the registration form where people can enter what
> they want to see at LGM.
> http://libregraphicsmeeting.org/2014/register/
> But this is perhaps too "binding", we may want to (especially) get
> input from those who have not yet planned to come.
> Perhaps just starting a public conversation on our social media
> channels will do?

imo a very good idea!

indeed, the registration form is a bit too binding at this stage...

launching the discussion on several social media / forums / ... is a 
great idea, but it would be nice to also have a central place, where 
people could drop their ideas (and where we could store what we hear 
from people).

i would prefer a form on the lgm site, but a google form would also do...

a titanpad is imo a bit "too open" for a broad public, but it may also 
be worth a try :-)


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