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2014/1/7 Tobias Ellinghaus <houz at gmx.de>

> Am Dienstag, 7. Januar 2014, 09:13:52 schrieb Gregory Pittman:
> > On 01/07/2014 08:23 AM, S.Kemter wrote:
> > > Hi,
> > >
> > > Can you or Greg explain for what it is necessary that he sees the
> > > submissions? That has nothing to do with openess
> >
> > Perhaps 'necessary' isn't quite the right word. On the other hand, does
> > it need to be secret?
> > One idea is to get a sense of simply how many proposals are coming in.
> > About which projects/topics?
> >
> > Isn't it informative or helpful to let visitors to the site have some
> > idea how things are progressing? To have some confidence that this is
> > going to be a meeting worth attending?
> >
> > If we have one or more meetings which are deemed by many to be a bad or
> > worthless experience, the continuity of LGM can easily and severely be
> > threatened. An ongoing issue with the "LGM community" is the overall
> > lack of communication and feedback -- I see this as a volatile situation.
> I agree that LGM should communicate more. And getting a sense of how many
> proposals have been submitted might be something worth considering.

This should be easy and could be done in minutes.

> However, I don't agree that putting the actual proposals into the public
> is a
> good idea. Doing so has always the implicit side effect of stating "and
> these
> that were proposed and not approved in the end were not good enough for us"
> which easily falls back on the person doing the proposal. Even if it was
> just
> rejected because the timetable was already full or there were several
> proposals about more or less the same topic.

Historically, we’ve been easy. For instance we suggested that long talks
became short talks, to make sure LGMers woudn’t miss a topic for such a
reason that schedule is full. It also led to organise panels instead of
traditional talks, bringing together a few speakers, to the benefit of the

LGM is not a conference but a meeting. There are talks. But there is lots
of room for meetings.

The procedure has been enhanced and better organised each year. In the
beginning, the schedule was completed a couple days before LGM...

A couple years ago all this was done on a wiki and if I recall well, anyone
interested could browse the proposals. Advantage of this is is gives a good
hint to anyone having the intention of giving a talk at LGM or suggesting a
topic over what’s already proposed. It could also bring people together
around a topic, etc.

Let’s not lose that flexibility.

For the history: we had security issues with our wiki and we had issues
with the flexibility of our website so we decided to go the Wordpress way.
There are lots of advantages to that. Publishing the proposals seems to me
possible within Wordpress and I don’t see much of an issue that we do that
with the goal of encouraging people to put together their own proposal and
to encourage people to come to LGM.

When putting into the balance the pros and cons of this, I believe we have
overall more to gain going the public wiki way we used to have a couple
years ago. Are there many people who will be
[offended|disappointed|sad|vexed|irritated] to have their proposal exposed
to light in the early steps? We could clarify this by putting an option in
the form so people could choose what they prefer but even that would not
sound like a great idea to me. Another way would be to make it clear that
for the reason of having a good incentive to others and to promote synergy
among participants, we publish the proposals. There is in the end a group
of people who make the final call and if a proposal doesn’t make it into
the program, this doesn’t prevent the proposer to participate nonetheless.
Maybe next year, that person will know better what to propose. There are
also lots of fun to have even if you don’t to on stage! :-)

Always ready to read other views!



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