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2014/1/16 ale rimoldi <a.l.e at ideale.ch>

> Hi,
> personally, I'm getting very tired with all those people who are not
> happy with the tool(s) installed on the LGM server and keep bitching
> around.
> (And I'm not happy about the server not working correctly, either).
> Since it seems that nobody likes the Wordpress that is currently
> installed on the server,


What about OWANCS?

For me, speaking from the point of view of an organiser of LGM, I pretty
much like most everything that’s available in Wp.

Easy to add or edit content even for
organisers-with-almost-no-computer-skills (further noted as OWANCS) like
Easy to create forms and edit them, and even set the notifications for an
Easy to retrieve data gathered with forms by a simple download to cvs and
we can even pick the fields we need, and date, for any particular given
needs, even for an OWANCS!

It would be great if the Participant list would update itself automatically
after each addition, in respect with the choice to be shown or not from the
registrant. At present time I think this is done manually or semi-manually.

Nothing worth mentioning and certainly nothing that would lead to a
decision like taking Wp away!

This basically covers most of what’s written below.

Some further comments in between the lines...

> we need to remove it before next year's LGM.
> I'm not ready to maintain the server for another year under the current
> circumstances.
> Now, the reason for removing Wordpress are rather simple: it is a
> blogging tool and nobody feels the need of doing any blogging on the
> LGM site.

That maybe true today but might change quickly. Plus, WP has other

> And:
> - Nobody thinks that using WP as a general tool is a good idea, either.

OWANCS do. ;-)

> - Nobody things that using WP for information management is a
>   good idea.

> - The forms plugin installed (Gravity Forms) not only is a
>   commercial plugin that we should pay for each year, but it's also the
>   best solution available for WP and is not good enough for us
>   (no granular access to the forms).

The Gravity Form cost $39 per year, something we can afford.

I am not sure to understand what "granular access" is. I know you can
select fields to be downloaded but I have a sense that this is not what you
mean here. Can you tell me what this is?

> So: we clearly have the wrong tool installed.

Not quite wrong!

> Now, the first step for building a solid site is to find out what we
> need. The second step will be to propose and then choose the tools to be
> used.
> For what I know what we need (and mostly somehow already have) is:
> - A website presenting the LGM (currently the lgm/ wordpress instance)
> - An information management tool for the LGM (currently the lgm/
>   WP instance, partially as public, partially as private pages).
> - A website presenting the next/current LGM (currently the 2014/ wp...
>   and 2013/ wp, 2012/ wp...).
> - An information management tool for the specific LGM edition
>   (currently the mediawiki intance on houz' server).
> - A form/list editor for gathering the information from the
>   participants (currently the non free Gravity Forms for Wordpress).
> - An aggregator of tweets and co. about the LGM.
> My questions to you are:
> - Do you know of other needs for the LGM server? (existing needs or nice
>   to have)
> - Do you know good tools for meeting those needs?
> And, on top of it, under certain circumstances, we will have to find a
> new server for hosting those tools... so if you have any proposition...
> As a personal note, I'd like to install and maintain one single tool
> that happens to meet all our needs *or* install several small tools
> that all match one of the needs.
> I'd like to avoid installing a tool like Mediawiki, which is somehow
> the same as Wordpress, but starting from the wiki world instead of the
> blogosphere. Somehow meeting each of needs, with no clear boundary on
> what it can and cannot do.
> ... except if you can convince a majority of LGMers that it's the best
> tool to match one of our needs.
> I'd like to see a few ideas collected before the LGM, then discuss
> it in Leipzig and find good solutions for the future of the LGM server.
> Have a nice evening and sorry for the long mail... I could not write it
> shorter.

It’s perfect! No worries about lenghty emails... I write some too! :-)

Last thought. I would like to introduce all geek reading this list to this
minority-with-no-name until today, the OWANCS! :-)

Any tool you guys pick, please be kind to us!


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