[LGM] voting process for the lgm 2018

ale rimoldi ale at graphicslab.org
Fri Sep 15 06:22:19 UTC 2017


> I think that three days is too short.

minimum three days, which will happen if lot of replies come in in the
first day and no further mails in the nexts two days.
maximum a full week.
one and a half weeks after the yesterday's announcement.

that should be enough for sending an email with a yes or no.

reminder: it's about voting now, not about discussing the candidate.

> Surely we could do an Etherpad like last time?

surely we could.
doing per email looks more like a landsgemeinde, the traditional public
voting in some swiss cantons.
an inclusive and public way of gathering a community opnion.
with all its pros and contra.

my first proposal wanted to get as many people involved as possible.

this second proposal is more explicit in that direction.
(since the first proposal has been understood by some as "closing away
from the open community").

> I also think that it is important explicitly to establish for each
> year the local organizer as part of the hosting resolution. It's an
> important office, mediating between local organizers and the various
> global teams, and ought to exist formally so that there is a known
> first and last (not necessarily single) point of contact for all
> things.

yes, this will come once we have a local organizer!


- if you want to stick to doing it in a pad, it's fine for me.
- if you want a fix one week term, it's ok for me


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