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Soenke Zehle soenke at kein.org
Wed Feb 14 22:53:44 UTC 2018

Sponsorship arrived, Dave / Google paid 15000 USD plus an extra 2000 to
cover whatever taxes accrue since it's not a donation. These 17t usd turned
into 13.816,16 eur upon arrival a few days ago,  so if we do set aside
these 2000 usd f taxes (if it's less the rest will go to lgm 2019 of
course, but we won't know until the end of the year) that leaves 12190,73
eur (minus admin fee, as discussed probably significantly less than our
standard 15% since lgm will help with admin) for lgm 2018.

Happy to start talking about how we best do this. My sense is:

- reimbursement of event cost once videos have been produced (we signed a
contract with Google whose provisions include video coverage of the event;
these were shared / discussed with the Sevilla team as well, happy to
repost them here).

- reimbursement of travel cost at the event (we will be in Sevilla to
organize this and collect receipts signed by participants for amounts
decided upon by lgm, so no need to collect tickets or boarding passes as
far as we are concerned).

How much for travel and how much to reimburse event costs is of course up
to lgm.



Am 08.12.2017 8:29 vorm. schrieb "Dave Crossland" <dave at lab6.com>:

> Hi
> I was able to chat with Ale & Ale on IRC and we are good to move forwards
> with K8.
> We are all looking forwards to hearing more about the CCC folks being able
> to help with the video publishing; if that doesn't work out, I think K8 can
> take care of it.
> Cheers
> Dave
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