[Libreoffice-qa] automated testing of Base

Bernhard M. Wiedemann bernhardout at lsmod.de
Wed Oct 5 12:41:24 PDT 2011

Michael Meeks wrote:
> On Wed, 2011-10-05 at 10:33 +0100, Caolán McNamara wrote:
>>> Locally installed databases raise questions, and the only
>>> answers that come to mind boil down to a poor man's
>>> substitute for an ODBC data source plus a driver manager
>>> plus who-knows-what.  Is there anything here worth thinking
>>> about?
>> I've wondered about e.g. using virtual box appliance's. Install Linux
>> under vbox, stick pre-installed postgres, mysql whatever else is
>> possible, onto it with pre configured databases of test data.
> 	Ah ! good point, in which case we should use openqa:
> 	http://openqa.opensuse.org/
> 	The basic idea is to use a KVM virtual machine, and to do damage / OCR
> on the screen, to allow keyboard input and validation of the results.
> 	We currently use it to test our bare-metal openSUSE install flow, and
> to provide time-lapse videos of that - it's rather sexy really ;-)
> checkout:
> http://openqa.opensuse.org/opensuse/video/openSUSE-DVD-x86_64-Build0319-gnome.ogv
> 	All done headless, with no manual input anywhere near, and (IIRC) the
> ability to suspend a test just where it failed, to allow it to be
> tweaked and continued later ;-)

while the test is running, I can interact with VNC
and recent disk images are kept after tests finished, allowing to 
re-start it and try things manually (because most of the time, you look 
at results of finished tests).

> 	Bernhard would be the best guy to speak to wrt. more details and/or how
> to get it setup. Bernhard - would we even have some spare hardware
> cycles to host such tests ?

Yes, there are some spare cycles. If long tests need to be added, I 
could make it schedule them only daily like the extensive mozilla tests.

I had met Mechtilde at FOSDEM this year. She told me about a huge 
OpenOffice/LibreOffice testsuite (libreoffice-testtool) that runs hours 
or days. So far I had not come to setting it up on openQA.
And I don't know how reliable it is in terms of false positives.

If you have some script that can setup and run a test, I can integrate 
it easily.
E.g. the openQA-specific glue for mozmill tests is 70 lines total:

Bernhard M.

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