[Libreoffice-qa] Bug Submission Assistant translation

Christian Lohmaier lohmaier+libreoffice at googlemail.com
Mon Sep 26 16:09:24 PDT 2011

Hi *,

sorry for being absent when the whole thing took of, and now I'm late
with my comments, esp. when it comes to integration of the assistant
within the current site I would have done things differently, but
maybe it was also beneficial you didn't have to bother about my stuff
but could work with the tools you're familiar with :-)

On Thu, Sep 15, 2011 at 10:58 AM, Alexander Thurgood
<alex.thurgood at gmail.com> wrote:
> Le 15/09/11 10:16, Loic Dachary a écrit :
>> [...]
>> When we discussed i18n earlier this week, I thought that I would remove
>> the strings from https://bugassistant.libreoffice.org/libreoffice/bug.xhtml
>> and place them in http://wiki.documentfoundation.org/BugReport_Details so
>> that they are translated with the rest of the text. It would show like this:
> It would no doubt have been made easier if the Silverstripe translation
> function had not been switched off,

Silverstripe's translation feature has not been turned off, it just
has not been used/accepted by the NL-projects that took part in
building their sites from the very beginning. They preferred to have
their own structure and content instead of just translating the
english pages.
The NL-teams that create their sites now however would like to have
the english pages as template/initial content to translate, but back
to the point...

> but my understanding is that it was
> because of inherent problems in managing the links and update to the virtual
> pages (for that is what is created when one used the translation function of
> Silverstripe) that wiki contributors had to create in order for these
> translations to appear.

virtual pages are only needed because each NL-project got their own
subsite. The translation feature as initially planned/tried out would
mean that all pages would be on the same site, with the translations
managed by the system automatically. so you would have
www.libreoffice.org/home for english page, and
www.libreoffice.org/home-fr for the homepage in french, and
www.libreoffice.org/home-de for the homepage in german, etc.

Using silverstripe's translation feature is of course possible for the
form texts, but then the form would have to read-in the translations
using ajax or similar methods. (I didn't have a closer look at the
inner details of the submission assistant yet, not even whether it
uses xmlrpc or plain POST,...)

If UI-editing is not a requirement (i.e. actual editing the
translation is restricted to persons who have filesystem-access to the
server) one could use silverstripe's template mechansim to either
translate the html-snippets themselves, or have the javascript
But of course then the form can no longer be embedded in an iframe,
but would have to be integrated into the silverstripe framework
properly. (which is not hard at all, you could just create one page
type of "BugForm" that doesn't have any custom editing-area/ignores
the edit area and instead returns only the pre-generated html)


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