[Libreoffice-qa] Regression test (Moztrap) test case localization temporary solution.

Petr Mladek pmladek at suse.cz
Thu Aug 23 02:59:03 PDT 2012

Yi Fan Jiang píše v St 22. 08. 2012 v 21:08 -0600:
> we will need to have a temporary workaround to *adapt* translation
> version of test cases existed in Moztrap.
> Based on the capacity of current Moztrap, we currently have 3
> prototypes of how they can be presented. I populated all these into
> three actual test cases:
> http://vm12.documentfoundation.org/runtests/run/29/env/633/

I prefer the first version. It best follows the current Moztrap design.
The step and expected result are close to each other and better
visualized. Also it should be easier to convert this to the real
localized framework once we have it.

The second solution is more compact but the step and the result is
connected by the strange "vpX" identifiers. In addition, it would be
more complicated to keep all localizations in sync.

The third variant looks to confusing to me :-)

BTW: I would use "STEP" instead if "STEPS" in the first variant. The
meaning is:

   1st step 
     >> expected result
   2nd step
     >> expected result
   3rd step
     >> expected result

Thanks a lot for working on this.

Best Regards,

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