[Libreoffice-qa] Dailies by branch

Petr Mladek pmladek at suse.cz
Fri Dec 7 03:32:18 PST 2012


Pedro píše v Čt 06. 12. 2012 v 08:11 -0800:

> You (whoever did this) could have done exactly the same while showing some
> consideration for the few people who still bother with QA and announcing the
> changes here first. Apologies are nice but avoiding having to apologize is
> much better...

It was me who did this change. I am really really sorry if it made you
upset :-((((

> BTW the build organization improved a lot. Well done!

This is what I hoped for. I considered this change as a great step
forward and non-controversal. I announced it when it went into life, so
you were informed.

I normally discuss things with others before they are done. I did this
faster than I wanted because tinderboxes are maintained by different
people. If you want to update them, you need to stop the build and start
from beginning. So, it is a good idea to keep the number of updates on
minimum. We needed to touch tinderboxes because of libreoffice-4-0
branch and the extra information in the about dialog, so I to do  it on
Tuesday or wait and bother tinderbox maintainers more times.

I am sorry again. I was very stressed by the release this
week and did bad decision. Please, do not generalize your opinions to
all people.

Best Regards,

PS: Sigh, I need some time to recover from depress. I wanted to do
something good effectively and did not expected so strong negative
reaction :-(

PS2: I was a big fan of compat symlinks in the past because I did not
want to force people to change mind. Well, it often ended with more and
more complex code, more bugs and mess. I tried to be brave this time and
save the maintenance pain for the future :-(

Is the change really so painful? Sigh

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