[Libreoffice-qa] Impress bug

Karl Leo leo at iapp.de
Sat Dec 15 10:18:48 PST 2012

Dear Dan,
thanks for your help. The two logos you attached are rendered correctly. 
I put my setting to the values you use, but still wrong rendering - see 
enclosed file "Fraunhofer.png" (Maybe my mail was not clear enough, I am 
currently using and could not try it on 4.0 because I could not 
get 4.0 started)
Best regards

On 15.12.2012 14:17, Dan Lewis wrote:
> On 12/15/2012 06:43 AM, Karl Leo wrote:
>> Dear friends,
>> I have recently switched from Windows to Linux and, sadly, the 
>> programme which might force me (a very frequent presenter) back to 
>> Windows will be Libreoffice Impress - for two reasons:
>> a) it crashes way too often...
>> b) It has a nasty bug which makes it for me as employee of the 
>> Fraunhofer society (Germany's largest research organization with over 
>> 20.000 employees) difficult to work with: It cannot even render the 
>> logo of the Fraunhofer society correctly (see enclosed file)
>> I am therefore really happy that many volunteers try to improve LO 
>> 4.0. I could not contribute so far because on my computer (thinkpad 
>> T400s with Ubuntu 12.04.1), LO 4.0.0 crashes at startup...
>> Therefore, I am not sure if the mentioned bug has been fixed, if so; 
>> I apologize.
>> Keep up your great work and thanks a lot!
>> Best regards
>> Karl
>      Attached are screen shots of the Fraunhofer logo I took using LO 
> 4.0. One was on a 32 bit laptop running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS with 2 GB RAM 
> and the other on a 64 bit tower with 2 GB of RAM and the 64 bit Ubuntu 
> 12.04 LTS. Are these showing the proper logo?
>      In both cases, I use these settings (Tools > Options > LOdev): 20 
> steps; Use for LOdev, 255 MB; Memory per object, 2 MB; Remove from 
> memory after, 1:00; and Number of objects, 252. For Impress because of 
> the number of graphics, perhaps these settings rather than the default 
> ones should be used.
>      The tower opened the presentation with no problems. The laptop 
> took much longer to open.
>      Additional tests using one of my presentations (1.3MB): The tower 
> opens it with no problems. However, LO 3.5.7 and (downloaded 
> from the website) on the laptop will not open it. I also have the 
> Ubuntu version of LO 3.5.4, and it opens the presentation. So, this 
> bug is not only a serious problem on 32bit computers, but also 
> something that has been around for a while that no one has reported.
> --Dan

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