[Libreoffice-qa] credits for people doing QA

klaus-jürgen weghorn ol ol at sophia-louise.de
Sun Feb 5 23:07:52 PST 2012

Hi all,
Am 06.02.2012 03:44, schrieb Yifan Jiang:
> Hi there,
> Nice topic, 2 cents from me as follows. What I could think about roles to be
> considered:
>      1. bugzilla reporters
>          This is pretty intuitive to count, as mentioned by Rainer, +1 when one
>          reporting happens.
>      2. bugzilla information provider (confirming, following up)
>          Also as Rainer mentioned, not so easy to count...
>      3. wiki editors
>          Not sure how we distinguish those QA specific wiki authors.

They get their own credit points as you can see on the credit list. It 
won't be a direct QA point but it is a counting one.

>      4. Litmus test case runners
>          +1 when one test case is run
>      5. Litmus test case authors
>          +1 when one test case is created
>      6. Litmus test case update
>          This happens when a user updates an existed test case by rivising
>          or translating original contents.
> Did I miss anything else?

E.g. on German ml there are many discussions about potential bugs. Some 
line in a bug report, some are user defined problems. The different 
people on list try out the descriped problems and discuss them. So 
people do QA but it is really uncatchable and uncountable as even all 
contributions on the mls.


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