[Libreoffice-qa] credits for people doing QA

Pedro Lino pedlino at gmail.com
Mon Feb 6 01:45:08 PST 2012

Hi klaus-jürgen, all

They get their own credit points as you can see on the credit list. It
> won't be a direct QA point but it is a counting one.

Well, then that list needs to be updated more frequently so that people
actually see their name on it after a new release (I find it a little
absurd that the LibreOffice wiki contributors' credits are under developers
who never contributed to LO... Anyone who did a single commit (even a
thousand) back in 2000 is not an LO contributor. IMO that section should be
removed altogether.

E.g. on German ml there are many discussions about potential bugs. Some
> line in a bug report, some are user defined problems. The different people
> on list try out the descriped problems and discuss them. So people do QA
> but it is really uncatchable and uncountable as even all contributions on
> the mls.

Can't the German ML community "elect" someone who has a reasonable English
to report the findings in Bugzilla? He/she could register as "German ML
users" and at least there would be a group credit. It seems to me like a
waste of good resources if that testing and discussion stays in the ML
unreported because of a language barrier...

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