[Libreoffice-qa] A little confused re: QA and help from users

Nino Novak nn.libo at kflog.org
Tue Jun 19 05:53:39 PDT 2012

Not really an answer but rather some related questions/thoughts:

Am 19.06.2012 09:47, schrieb Marc Paré:
> Like the title says, I am a little confused over QA and help from users.
> Do people who are on this list participate in any QA?

Don't know if I understand your question - I'd assume that people 
subscribed to this (libo-qa) list are particularly interested in doing 
QA work plus organizing it.

> For example, I usually download any LO Beta series on up. Is there
> anything that I could do to help with QA? Testing? I cannot do very long
> QA tests but even short tests? No sense in downloading the pre-releases
> and not helping out when I can.

I'd assume that this is exactly what many people do: downloading a 
"young" version from time to time (or even regularly) and trying to 
perform some of their usual daily work with it. This might be called 
some kind of "silent QA", because nobody ever learns about the results 
of these attempts. However - hopefully - they'll report back to a list 
or to bugzilla if they encounter any blockers or strange behavior (at 
least I do).

My personal thought is that we should try to better coordinate such 
"silent testing" as it might be the case that some functions get tested 
thousandfold and others not at all. My hope is that with Litmus/Moztrap 
a more/better coordintated/systematic testing can be achieved. But I 
don't know what the progress is as I've not been following the list for 
quite a while now.

> Do we need more help from users specifically for QA on this list? It
> looks like the process is pretty much automated or am I wrong?

This question shows that the available info about this part of the QA is 
still incomplete (or not visible enough): What exactly is tested 
autmatically - and what needs (additional) manual testing?

However - personally I'd say that QA needs as many qualified people as 
possible, but that's not enough: the QA work needs better 
coordination/synchronization, too.


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