[Libreoffice-qa] minutes of ESC call ...

Petr Mladek pmladek at suse.cz
Wed Nov 28 03:34:57 PST 2012

Pedro píše v Út 27. 11. 2012 v 09:10 -0800:
> > Another solution would be to build 4.0-betas with release
> > configuration. I guess that it can be installed in parallel with LO-3
> > even on Windows because it uses another prefix, ...  How does that
> > sound?
> What do you mean "release configuration"?

I mean to do the official beta builds with --enable-release-build
configure option. It will produce LibreOffice product instead of LODev
=> it will act as an official release => you will be able to test
configuration migration exactly the same as for final build.

The only problem is that it seems that 4.0 version can't be installed in
parallel with 3.x version on Windows. Anyway, it would be the best
testing of the configuration migration.

Note that if we do some hack to migrate configuration from official
LibreOffice build to LODev, there will be many bugs in this hack and it
will not test the real migration between the official release builds.

Best Regards,

PS: I am not sure if it would be a big problem to allow installation of
LO-3.x and 4.x in parallel on windows. They use different
directories, ...  

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