[Libreoffice-qa] Regression test (Moztrap) test case localization temporary solution.

Sophie Gautier gautier.sophie at gmail.com
Tue Sep 4 00:01:07 PDT 2012

Hi Yifan,
On 04/09/2012 04:35, Yifan Jiang wrote:
> Hi Sophie, Petr, all,
> Thanks for the discussion and sorry for the late response that I was busy of
> other works these days :(
no problem :)
> Visually the second one is also my most favorite, so let's start here.
> In this week, I will arrange time to update the test cases and make their
> format consistent with the prototype 2.
>      http://vm12.documentfoundation.org/manage/case/99/

ok, thanks a lot.
> @Sophie, As for the 3.6.3 testing, do you have an estimation when would it be
> happening? Currently there are only English cases in the database migrated
> from Litmus. We will still need some time to migrate other language versions
> before arranging tests. Looking back to Litmus, there are 4 languages version
> of test cases: en/de/fr/pt-Br, if necessary we could also create Ja section
> awaiting for input.

It will be on week 41, but it's more because I need deadlines than a 
really fixed date ;) How do you migrate the tests, would I be able to 
give an hand or is by using some scripts or some magic ? As for the 
languages, I'll ask on the list for motivated teams and will tell you.
> As for the l10n related hacking, they need large scope of changes in both
> frontend and backend. I would plan at least 1 dev month to do all the stuff
> including: Moztrap UI l10n implementing, test case l10n hacking and the
> relevant tests before they are good enough to be online.

ok, thanks for this estimation, that will help me in my research for 

Kind regards

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