[Libreoffice-qa] Regression test (Moztrap) test case localization temporary solution.

Yi Fan Jiang yfjiang at suse.com
Thu Sep 6 02:47:37 PDT 2012

Hi Petr,

> Hi Yi Fan,

>first, thanks a lot for pushing this forward.
>Yi Fan Jiang píše v Čt 06. 09. 2012 v 02:50 -0600:
>> Hi Sophie and all,
>> Sorry I did not mention that to translate a case, we need to update
>> the version *0* of each test case so that we could reuse the
>> translated case in future test case versions which usually will be
>> copied from the version *0*. I will update the wiki page to notify
>> that later.
>> Before the wiki page updated, here is an example how to do it:
>> 1. Get the test manager authentication from community
>I am a bit confused by this item. Do you mean that people need to send a
>mail to you to get the Test Manager permissions?

Yes, I meant the "Test Manager" role mentioned in:


Sorry to bring the misunderstanding :)

>> 4. In the page, make sure the version of the case is switched to *0*
>> by:
>>     - Around the top right corner of the page, hover the mouse on the
>> version
>>     "selection list box" right below the "Select environment"
>>     - Click the version initiated with 0, in this case, it should be
>>     "0 creating a table in database and increment records"
>Would be possible to set "0" as the default version for editing?
>I am afraid that the current default setting is too error prone.

It should be possible, I'll make a quick "fix" this week.

>> 6. Click "save test case" button to save the translation work.
>> Please noted the saved content will not apply to existed other
>> versions until
>> a new version which copies the test cases from version 0 is created.
>Would be possible to synchronize the "3.6" test cases with the "0"
>version before we start a real testing with 3.6.3?

It will not be that easy to make a generic code change, since this will probably change
internal gears of Moztrap. So one thing we could do is to:

    1. update the version 0 test cases
    2. remove the existed version 3.6 and recreate the version 3.6 so that it
    could copy updated test cases from version 0

It could be done just by a few more clicks, very simple :)    

Best wishes,

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