[Libreoffice-qa] Question : FILEOPEN bug vs 'filters and storage' bug

Petr Mladek pmladek at suse.cz
Thu Apr 18 06:55:12 PDT 2013

Jochen píše v Čt 18. 04. 2013 v 14:42 +0200:
> Hi Rainer,
> Am 18.04.2013 14:22, schrieb Rainer Bielefeld:
> > well, they will be discouraged and deterred (because the have no idea
> > concerning what problem that report might be), not prevented.
> Maybe... I can not follow your reasoning.
> An unconfirmed bug must be confirmed. IMHO many unconfirmed bug are not 
> understandable respectively it makes a lot of work to ask ("NEED INFO"). 
> This is not a special problem of new/other users. It is a problem of 
> everyone reading the bugreport - also for advanced-QA-people.

I thin that Rainer wanted to say that these components with lover case
names have a special content. Normal users could not put bugs there by
the bugzilla assistant. You need to understand the bug in more details
to decide to put the bug into these components.

By other words, I think that the bugs might be easy to reproduce and
understand. The only "more" complicated thing is to decide whether this
component should be used. Of course, there might be also hard to
understand bugs if they are reported by developers and include only some
implementation details.

I hope that it makes some sense :-)

Best Regards,

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