[Libreoffice-qa] New text for NEEDINFO Changes

Joel Madero jmadero.dev at gmail.com
Sun Apr 21 11:42:18 PDT 2013

On 04/21/2013 10:45 AM, Rainer Bielefeld wrote:
> Joel Madero schrieb:
>> This bug has been in NEEDINFO state for more than 180 days
> Hi,
> this text IMHO is much too elaborated and prim, please do not use it.
> If you plan such actions please leave a related description in the 
> Wiki, most here do not have the time to find all scattered info in 
> various threads. Currently I haven't a clue how the text will be used.
> As personal Mail? As comment in The bug? For comments in the Bug 
> please consider that queries have an important role for bug wrangling, 
> and the text uses several possible key words like
> regular, information, time, ...
> Please limit the comment to 1 line + a link to text in the Wiki 
> concerning more info!
> And BTW, still nobody was able to contribute a plausible explication 
> concerning the benefit of these auto-closes (except hope that some 
> users will contribute more useful info, but my experience is that most 
> of them only write "still in version ...) - or did I miss something?
> CU
> Rainer
I'll rework the comment again and see if I can find some middle ground. 
Yes the idea is a comment and I can see your point (although querying in 
FDO comments is already not very useful ;) )

So Actions for me:

Make a much shorter statement
Make a wiki page that clearly defines the process, the rationale & links 
to relevant mail threads

As for the rationale:

1. Make NEEDINFO mean something (instead of it just being a status that 
a bug sits in indefinitely)
2. Encourage/remind users to keep up with their bug reports
3. Remind users to mark their bug as UNCONFIRMED if they have already 
submitted material

After long discussions and email threads it seems like *most* people 
agree that NEEDINFO should be a temporary status - I think that every 
other big FOSS product that I know of uses NEEDINFO as something similar 
including big names like Canonical and Gnome. If a user hasn't responded 
within 6 months to a NEEDINFO, then gets reminded and a month later 
still hasn't responded it is VERY unlikely that the bug will ever be 
touched. NEEDINFO should give us an idea of "how many bugs have a chance 
of returning back to UNCONFIRMED and then need triaged" - the current 
situation is not that at all, more than 50% will almost never be touched 
and therefore we never have to worry about it.

Users have some responsibility to help us help them ;)


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