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Thomas Hackert thackert at nexgo.de
Wed Dec 4 07:43:28 PST 2013

Hello Sophie, *,
On Mittwoch, 4. Dezember 2013 15:00 Sophie wrote:
> Le 04/12/2013 14:17, Thomas Hackert a écrit :
>> On Dienstag, 3. Dezember 2013 17:08 Sophie wrote:
>>> I'm still searching for a replacement in the future. I've been
>>> pointed to Squash, the site is here:
>>> http://www.squashtest.org/index.php/en/squash-tm-25664/squash-tm-overview
>>> where at least the UI is fully localizable.
>> If I understood their page right, you do not only need the
>> Squash- TM, but also the Squash-SC, Squash-Data and Squash-TA as
>> well to localise your tests, or am I wrong?
> I'm not sure you need all the suite.

well, on the site you linked above, they write
Squash TM and other modules

Squash TM is the central element of the Squash toolset. It interacts 
with :

    Squash TA for the automation part (run of automated tests 
campaign and consolidation of results),
    Squash Data for data management (automatic injection of data set 
for manual test)
    Squash SC for the management of planning and resources.
, so I think, we will need at least SC and Data ... ;)

> But I don't see a mechanism
> where if the source language of the test is updated, the
> translated test is informed. There is a doc about UI here:
> https://sites.google.com/a/henix.fr/wiki-squash-tm/developer/04---developer-s-guide/internationalization-guidelines

Well, yes ... But this documentation is for devs, who want to help 
developing Squash TM, not for for users, who want to translate their 
tests in different languages ... ;)

>>> License is LGPLv3 after a version is one year old and
>>> it's written in Java. I'll approach the company developing it to
>>> see how it could handles test localization and will keep you
>>> informed. You can run an online demo if you wish and don't
>>> hesitate to give me your feedback. Cheers
>> I made the mistake to download their Squash-TM package
>> (http://www.squashtest.org/index.php/en/downloads/finish/17-version-stable/83-squash-tm-1-7-5-windows-mac-linux-tar-gz),
>> unpacked it and started bin/startup.sh (as described on
>> https://sites.google.com/a/henix.fr/wiki-squash-tm/installation-and-exploitation-guide/3---run-and-stop-squash-tm).
>> But after nearly three minutes I was not able to do anything, as
>> my /tmp directory was up to 100% ... :( And a restart of my
>> system leads to an nonfunctional system (or better say: A system
>> with no X, though KDM was running) ... :( If you really want to
>> install it on one of the TDF servers, please test it first at
>> your own system (one, that has more power / is newer than mine
>> etc. ... ;) ). I only found the solution to reinstall my Debian,
>> as all tips I found online did not help here ... :(
> Ho, I'm really sorry you had to reinstall your system, this is
> really not a good point for this software :( but thank you very
> much for your tests and your feedback. I'll keep you informed when
> I'll meet the developers.

Yes, please :)

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	An alcoholic is a person who drinks more than his own 

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