[Libreoffice-qa] [Math] Clicking in Formular does not let the cursor change its position in the main part

Thomas Hackert thackert at nexgo.de
Sun Dec 8 09:24:05 PST 2013

Hello @ll,
as I am testing http://manual-test.libreoffice.org/runtests/run/57/env/642/ in MozTrap right now, 
I followed the following instruction there
1. * Open a new Formula document using File > New > Formula
    * Enter formula values in the input frame as: lllint from{1} 
to{x} (1 over sum from {k > j} (d_(j)+arccot(nroot{32 }X^{11})))+1
there should be the mathematical formula you input displayed in the 
main area
2. Click on around the rendered formula symbol in the main area
the cursor jumps to the corresponding character in the input frame
3. ...
. If I copy this formular to Math, then click on the formular in the 
main window, I cannot see the cursor "jumping" to its corresponding 
position ... :( Is it only on my system? Or can anyone else with a 
different OS/architecture confirm this? Or is this an error in the 
test description?

Discovered with
LO Version: Build-ID: 
1a27be92e320f97c20d581a69ef1c8b99ea9885d, but also with LO Version: Build ID: 70feb7d99726f064edab4605a8ab840c50ec57a (both with 
installed Germanophone lang- as well as helppack)
OS: Debian Testing AMD64

Thanks for testing

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