[Libreoffice-qa] Testing: Exporting multiple spreadsheet sheets -> CSV on the command line

Sophie gautier.sophie at gmail.com
Mon Dec 9 06:48:31 PST 2013

Hi Robinson,
Le 09/12/2013 13:58, Robinson Tryon a écrit :
> Hi all --
> Users often request information about exporting multi-sheet
> spreadsheets to CSV on the command line, and (AFAIK) our best option
> to this point was to send them to a 2009-era article with attached
> code.
> So I took the code from the 2009 article...
> www.linuxjournal.com/content/convert-spreadsheets-csv-files-python-and-pyuno-part-1v2
> ...and updated it for modern LibreOffice, python3, wrote some docs,
> etc., and shoved it into GItHub:
> https://github.com/colonelqubit/libreconverter
> It would be great to have a couple of other people test to make sure
> my docs are relatively clear and the code actually runs on more than
> one system :-)

There is a set of tools and recipes that are available under open source
license here:
May be it's of interest for what you want too.


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