[Libreoffice-qa] Reported issues show the tendency to be more user questions ? BSA related ?

Cor Nouws oolst at nouenoff.nl
Mon Jul 1 14:53:28 PDT 2013


Robinson Tryon wrote (01-07-13 16:35)

> Could you provide links to some of the bugs that you think should be
> handled as user questions first?

I do see a lot regularly. If you don't, you see different bugs :)
You can query on bugs that I commented on e.g. the last month 
(cno at nouenoff.nl)

> I'm still hearing from users who say that bug reporting is too
> difficult. The step of registration alone is enough to have some
> people shy away from the process, especially if the bug is only a
> minor inconvenience.

I'm not convinced by that.

> But perhaps we are getting spam in Bugzilla.

Not that I noticed.

> Filtering a bugtracker manually through an email list sounds like a
> lot of work to me.

Maybe, I'm not sure.
But of course it wouldn't be a big gain. Only keep bugzilla cleaner ;)

> As the QA Team is currently so small, my understanding is that we want
> to optimize our time by working directly in Bugzilla.

Would be ideal yes.

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