[Libreoffice-qa] Explanations on the NL BSA purpose

Rainer Bielefeld LibreOffice at bielefeldundbuss.de
Mon Mar 18 03:37:02 PDT 2013

Sophie Gautier schrieb:
> Hi all,

> So I'll try first to explain my idea clearly on the workflow we have
> thought about:

Hi Sophie,

thanks a lot, I see that all my concerns were unnecessary, I simply did 
not have information how that should work.

Is there already a plan how BSA-FR will be reached? Beneath a link on 
the localized Website I think the most easy way  would be via Menu 'Aide 
-> Envoyer un retour ...' (Help -> Feedback) and the long discussed and 
prepared, but still not existant (localized) Feedback page, where the 
user should have a choice

I want to report a Bug
  ( ) Directly using English Language Assistant
  ( ) French Language Report to French Quality

I think you should write down some essentials to the wiki, what can be 
reached by a Link from BSA-FR (How does this work?" in French) and tells 
the workflow to the user. I think no more discussion will be required 
here, and complements (if necessary) can be added directly to the Wiki.

I think that many other Languages will be interested in something like 
that (Definitively: German Community). So some hints in the Wiki what 
input you need for creation of other localizations so that you can do 
that with minimum work would be appreciated.

Best regards


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