[Libreoffice-qa] [ANN] LibreOffice 4.0.2 RC1 available

Yifan Jiang yfjiang at suse.com
Thu Mar 21 23:56:07 PDT 2013

Hi Pedro,

On Thu, Mar 21, 2013 at 05:28:07AM -0700, Pedro wrote:
> Hi Yifan
> Some comments/questions
> Yifan Jiang wrote
> >     3. Select your envionment: "Archs", "Locale", "Platforms"
> What if my Locale doesn't exist? If I run LO with the English US UI but all
> my other settings are set to my Locale does that count as EN_US?

It's a very good question, We should define the item clearly.

The environment dimensions (arch, locale, platform...) are extremely
flexible in Moztrap, we customized these items all by ourselves.

The original idea I set Locale as an option is to record the testing
operating system locale. Then everything else is supposed to left to
libreoffice to decide automatically.

Of course things come to be a bit jumbly, as you mentioned, testing
environment options can be manually tuned, the additional language
packages can be freely installed and uninstalled , etc. Even more,
localization includes a lot of detailed meanings and coverage:

    * UI translation
    * Document translation (help doc)
    * Document Language bundles
    * Spell check dictionaries
    * Thesaurus
    * Grammar check
    * Hyphenation
    * East-Asian specific and complicated text support

So it may make sense to keep the concept as simple as "operating
system locale". When a testing environment is selected as "fr" for
example, I do *NOT* presume the above detailed coverages would be all
related with French packages or settings.

Alternatively these language specific testing would be reflected in
*testcases* description and steps:

    * Ideally these language specific *testcases* should be tested in
      relevant environments.

    * Conversely those non-language specific *testcases* should be
      tested in only one environment.

    which I think are Moztrap's future roles to take care about how to
    map different cases to different locales.

Finally as far as I can concern, everything manually set, inluding
language settings, which is relevant to the results should go to
"comments" field when marking the test results.

I would like to keep the topic open, and get more people with l10n
experience involved.  :)

@Petr, Sophie, all, any input here?

> Yifan Jiang wrote
> > Finally, click the bright green button on the bottom right and start
> > to hunt bugs! Actually you may use the latest 4.0.2 RC build (i.e from
> > RC1 to RC2...RC3 etc.), for testing.
> Should the user follow the Test Order number?

Not yet. The test cases have no restricted orders so far :) I think
the numbering is a new feature where we may leverage afterwards when

> Why is the Install test (which is first action you take) numbered
> 16?

hehe, I'll have to hide it if really confusing.

> Is it considered low priority (Priority 2) that the user has a successful
> Install???

I am not sure I got the question. But the priority does matter. The
high priority (P1) cases are supposed to run before low priority (P2)
ones in any case, beacause test cases having high priority usually are
designed to test fundamental and most important functionality, wrt:


> FYI OpenID login fails with 
> "500. That's an error.
> The server could not process your request. That's all we know."

Thanks for trying. Which openid provider were you using?

I did test the OpenID scenario when upgrading and ever worked for me
with google, wordpress and yahoo ids.

Unfortunately the server seems down at the moment so I couldn't do
further testing for now. But I'll certainly take care of this :)

> Also, the Wiki screenshot is outdated. It doesn't show the OpenID option. I
> can make a new screenshot and upload it to the wiki, but without edits (you
> can do that later?)

Great, I can do it. But I think if it doesn't take too much time, you
are the better person to update the wiki since you found the problem.

Thank you!

Best wishes,

  Yifan Jiang
  Libreoffice / SUSE
  Contact: yifan - irc.freenode.net/libreoffice

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