[Libreoffice-qa] [LibreOffice-QA] Minutes - March 22nd, 2013

Joel Madero jmadero.dev at gmail.com
Wed Mar 27 10:08:04 PDT 2013

Time Begin: 1310
*Note*: Technical difficulties with Talkyoo forced us to do an IRC chat 
based meeting

*People Present: *
     Bjoern, Brenda, Cor, Florian, Joel, Petr, Rob, Robinson, Steve

*Pending Action Items: *

     *Attachments on FDO (Auto default)
         +Bjoern has contacted Tollef -- fell off radar but wants to get 
it done this week
         +/*ACTION*/: Bjoern is going to ask Tollef if he could use some 
help with FDO management, we understand he's really busy but we have 
some small tasks that
           probably could be done on our side if right permissions were 

     *NEEDINFO Stagnant Bugs
         +Joel did not start process because process to track bugs was 
not set
         +Options to track:
             -New temporary whiteboard status
                 *Pros: Easy
                 *Problem: would require going back and removing status, 
adding yet another whiteboard status isn't ideal
             -Specific comment that we could easily query out
                 *Pro: Relatively easy
                 *Con: Slow & tedious search
             -New QA TDF Email (or outside of TDF if necessary)
                 *Pro: Really easy to query, acts more like "QA action" 
vs. individual action, shields individual members a little from negative 
feedback because of group decision.
                 *Cons: Not sure that we can get TDF email
         +/*AGREED*/: Option 3 is best for many reasons, even if no TDF 
email, possible to use outside email address
         +/*AGREED*/: 2 Emails Addresses may be best (one for QA Admin 
stuff such as warnings, one for FDO management)
         +/*ACTION*/: Joel will investigate email option and hopefully 
move forward with closing bugs soon

     *Localized French BSA
         +Rob gave update, translation done, most work done but still 
some snags with Fr-QA mailing list
         +/*ACTION*/: Robinson will get in touch with Sophie to see if 
we need a QA wiki page describing procedures with new BSA. If we do, he 
will coordinate with her to write one

             -The Document Foundation (TDF) is unable to pay for prizes 
because of legal reasons, but handing out LibreOffice merchandise should 
             -/*ACTION*/: Joel and Robinson will shop around for prices 
for things such as laptop cases, tshirts
             -/*AGREED*/: Should price in US and Europe to minimize 
             -/*AGREED*/: Buying in bulk along at a similar time as an 
event might save money
                 *Hamburg Hakfest may be at similar time
             -Joel can purchase the stuff in advance if needed if he 
will be reimbursed but will try to avoid this
             -/*ACTION*/: Petr will talk to Kendy about anything we 
might currently have available but Joel thinks that it is quite limited 
currently, our stock of stuff is depleted.
             -/*AGREED*/: Not a pressing issue, have at least until May 
to finalize

*New Action Items:
         +Bugs filed against Extensions, Templates, Etc...
             -Extensive talk about if bugs reported against Extensions & 
Templates are our bugs
             -In general there is agreement that NOTOURBUG along with a 
friendly comment saying to contact the extensions developer is the 
appropriate response \
              but there are some issues
                 *There are some extensions that are bundled with 
LibreOffice -- these are clearly are bug even if author has quit 
developing the extension
                 *No agreement how to mark them as of yet but options 
discussed (see "options" below)
             -Extension/Template Options
                 1. Close as NOTOURBUG + comment to contact extensions 
                     -Remember some extensions are bundled with LibreOffice
                     -Here adding ability to have "comments" on 
extensions would be great so that users could directly get in touch with 
extension developing
                     -If comment not available, having an easy "contact 
author" button would be good
                 2. New Product for "Extensions" on FDO
                     -Add an entirely new product on FDO for Extensions
                     -Some concern that this will not help QA at all and 
will only confuse users
                     -Another potential issue is if we have a contract 
with FDO for 1 product (not sure)
                     -Another issue is that we would use component for 
this product for each extension, meaning we would have >150 components. 
Lots of work for QA to sort
                 3. Add a New Component (Official Extensions vs. 
                     -Official would be our bug, unofficial would get #1 
option applied
             -Other Notes
                 *Having an "official badge" was discussed, would be a 
really useful addition to extension site
                 *If author has abandoned their extension, we can either 
delete the extension if it's broken or make bug report an enhancement if 
another developer wishes to fix it

         -*AGREED*: Move discussion to email, try to find consensus, if 
not vote to decide

     *Certified QA Team
         +Question about if QA should have certification process like 
new certified developers
         +/*AGREED*/: Not appropriate/needed at this time
         +/*AGREED*/: Having a "core team" page that is hard coded on 
website, possibly with images of us would be useful -- if for no other 
reason than to develop
           sense of community and pride in our commitment. Also useful 
for resume building for our team members
         +/*ACTION*/: Joel will contact web team about this

     *Talkyoo Problem
         +/*ACTION*/: Everyone will look at alternatives
             -IRC was a +1 for some people present, more people 
definitely involved this way
             -If we go to new phone service, should include skype call in
         +/*ACTION*/: Petr will investigate problem with Talkyoo
         +/*AGREED*/: Talkyoo has consistently been a headache

*End Time*: 14:15
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