[Libreoffice-qa] What should we do with bugs filed against Extensions/Templates?

Robinson Tryon bishop.robinson at gmail.com
Fri Mar 29 15:23:08 PDT 2013

On Fri, Mar 29, 2013 at 11:48 AM, Cor Nouws <oolst at nouenoff.nl> wrote:
> Robinson Tryon wrote (29-03-13 06:29)
>> Thoughts on these proposals?
> Both involve quite some work/handling/training to make them work as desired.
> And then still: bugs for extensions will appear in BugZilla, either being
> NOTOURBUG or not... (users will not check, just file a bug ;-) )

Indeed, no matter what system we set up, some users will file a bug. I
agree! But if we warn the users first, then we can at least argue that
we tried our best to be clear about what support to expect.

If a user downloads LibreOffice an an extension right now, why
wouldn't he expect both items to have the same level of support? Both
items were procured from a .libreoffice.org domain, and the front page
of the Extensions site makes no mention that the extensions are
developer-supported or the QA team won't assist with them:

> Would it be enough if people doing triage regularly just realise that and
> bug against an extension can be both?
> If (after more info etc.) it turns out NOTOURBUG, then it is at least a
> notification and service to the one providing the extension.

If we don't have contact information for a particular extension
developer, then there's no notification and no service to the one
providing the extension.

Remember that if an extension stops working, it's not the absentee
developer who is inconvenienced, but the user who installed it with
some expectations of reliability.

> To me this looks as an approach with the least work/management involved and
> an outcome that is clear enough.
> (Unless there is a flood off that kind of bugs that tends to block all the
> other work of course. Then special action may make sense.)

As long as we have a clear workflow for triagers, then I guess that
plan would provide us with a technical solution. I'm just not sure how
well it will be received by frustrated users who probably shouldn't
have installed the extension in the first place!


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