[Libreoffice-qa] Where should users report bugs?

Thomas Hackert thackert at nexgo.de
Tue Nov 5 10:51:41 PST 2013

Hello Pedro, *,
On Dienstag, 5. November 2013 19:10 Pedro wrote:

> bfoman wrote
>> I can write that I do not want to work with anonymous bug reports
>> while triaging. We need that users be active considering their
>> bugs - help to recheck in a debug build (when there was one
>> available in the past) or latest release, deliver a test file,
>> write more about steps to reproduce - Bugzilla offers that. Once
>> registered - you, or others in the bug's cc list, know what is
>> going on with the issue.
> I agree that anonymous bug reports are of little use (and invites
> spammers).


> But providing a valid email should be enough for all
> that. It should not be required to create an account.

But how will you know, if it is a valid mail address? It could be an 
one-way mail address or some fake address ... :( Remember all the 
HowTos and documentation, which uses "example.com" address as an 
example ... ;)

> In addition the Bugzilla form is for geeks. I am allowed to say
> that because I have used it extensively and for a long time.

Why do you think, it is for geeks? I mean, I am also not that geek, 
when it comes to choosing the right component and the like, but I 
prefer it over BSA ... ;)

Have a nice evening

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