[Libreoffice-qa] Where should users report bugs?

Sophie gautier.sophie at gmail.com
Wed Nov 6 08:33:37 PST 2013

Le 06/11/2013 17:08, Pedro a écrit :
> Hi Thomas
> Thomas Hackert wrote
>>> But providing a valid email should be enough for all
>>> that. It should not be required to create an account.
>> But how will you know, if it is a valid mail address? It could be an 
>> one-way mail address or some fake address ... :( Remember all the 
>> HowTos and documentation, which uses "example.com" address as an 
>> example ... ;)
> Emails can be validated (in the same way your email client immediately
> informs you that an address is not valid: it checks with the target mail
> server)
> In any case if the user bothers to create an email account just to post a
> bug report, then he *really* wants to report the bug but he doesn't to be
> contacted!
> My experience is that I don't mind being contacted back if I report a bug
> but I won't register into yet another site just to report a bug (unless I
> start to use the bugged program regularly)
> I believe that it is important to get some feedback (even if it's hate
> feedback) from people who have a bad experience and are giving up on LO
> because of some initial obstacle... Maybe the obstacle is can be removed for
> others after them...

What we can see with the BSA in French, which in fact sends a mail with
the BSA content to our QA list, is that people are not upset by being
contacted to request more info, or even when they are in copy of the bug
we have filled, they have always answered to our requests. And I think
they are happy to see that their concerned have been heard. I think
registration is much bothering than giving a e-mail and being contacted
> Thomas Hackert wrote
>> Why do you think, it is for geeks? I mean, I am also not that geek, 
>> when it comes to choosing the right component and the like, but I 
>> prefer it over BSA ... ;)
> I'm sorry to tell you this: you collaborate in the QA of an Open Source
> project and therefore you are in the geek category :)

hehe :)

Kind regards

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