[Libreoffice-qa] LibreOffice Bugzilla (migration) Proposal

Thomas Hackert thackert at nexgo.de
Sat Nov 9 00:35:01 PST 2013

Good morning Robinson, *,
On Samstag, 9. November 2013 07:28 Robinson Tryon wrote:
> As mentioned at the QA Meeting, I've provided a first draft of the
> proposal to migrate from FDO to our own install of Bugzilla:

wow, I am impressed. Thank you for your detailed summary :)

> For those interested, please read over the proposal and provide
> comments and feedback. Feel free to insert your (signed) comments
> and new information directly into the proposal page or reply to
> this email. I'll read over all of the comments, consolidate all of
> the information together, and present our "second draft" to the
> list.

Though you have given us a detailed proposal, I have still a couple 
of questions, sorry ... :(

1. What will happen with the existing bugs? Will they stay in their 
current status (like "OPEN", "NEW" and the like)? Or will that be 
changed for some reason?
2. Will the change to our bugzilla instance mean, that all 
reporters, CC'ed persons, etc. will get a mail á la "Your bug was 
moved to bugs.libreoffice.org" (or something like that)? Or would it 
be possible to mail all registered users beforehand (for LO bugs 
that is ... ;) )? I mean, we have old bugs there, where its reporter 
may have forgotten about it in the meantime.
3. You seem to have forgotten to mention, that we have to search the 
source code / OLH from LO itself and replace all occurences there as 
well. Or am I just too blind ;? A short
grep "bugs.freedesktop" -R libreoffice |wc -l
on the source code found 30 hits, and I am not sure, if bfo is 
mentioned in the OLH as well ... :( I only found one in the 
Germanophone help in Pootle that far, but that does not mean 
anything ... ;)

But it will still be a lot of work to change all wiki pages 
(especially the ones related to bug hunting, reporting and the 
like), the qa.libreoffice site, etc. to change them to the new 
address, changing usefull search strings for blo and the like ... :( 
And changing other documentations, finding other sites, which refer 
to fdo ... :(
Thank you for your summary and have a nice day

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