[Libreoffice-qa] Existing German translation in Moztrap

Thomas Hackert thackert at nexgo.de
Tue Nov 19 22:47:34 PST 2013

Good morning Yifan,
On Dienstag, 19. November 2013 20:41 Yifan Jiang wrote:
> The repo is here (silently), may be I should make it available for
> @tdf searching :)

maybe ... ;)

>     https://github.com/yifanjiang/moztrap
> The important hacking on this branch is OpenID login
> implementation.

I am not a dev, so I cannot be of any help here, sorry ... :(

> As for the localization, IMHO, is inevitably considered divided
> into 2 levels:
>     1. the UI level
>     The content is relatively "static" in moztrap *code*, usually
>     *translated* word by word.

What does "code" in this context mean? I need to use a programming 
language like C++, JS, or something else?

>     Yes, with Django framework, it is not that complicated to
>     leverage pootle approach to translate the UI of Moztrap, where
>     UI indicates any text else except test cases content in
>     Moztrap.

And that would mean, I need an account to look at TDF's 
implementation of Django?

>     But, I doubt it is really necessary to implement and MAINTAIN
>     this even if the word-by-word translation has been highly
>     automated:

Ah, O.K. Now I know, why some of the test cases sound strange ... ;) 
In my experience, translation engines are good to get a short 
overview, what is inside a text. But they loose, if you want a 
reliable translation ... :(

>     2. the test case level
>     The content is relatively "dynamic" in moztrap *database*,
>     usually *localized* sentence by setence or paragraphs by
>     paragraphs. The similar way of UI level translation does make
>     sense in the first place, however *database* level translation
>     is not that easy as what we did in *code* level in a Django
>     framwork. It may be needed to deeply reconstruct the moztrap
>     core tables, and hook together pootle like translation content
>     with the refined moztrap database.

If we could translate it via Pootle, then it would ease the work for 
us translators ... ;) How difficult would it be to implement it?

>     In another word, yes, technically it can be more complicated
>     :)

Well ... ;)
Thank you for your answer
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