[Libreoffice-qa] Moztrap: some feedback please :)

Thomas Hackert thackert at nexgo.de
Wed Nov 20 01:20:35 PST 2013

Hello Sophie, *,
On Mittwoch, 20. November 2013 09:58 Sophie wrote:
> Le 19/11/2013 19:00, Thomas Hackert a écrit :
>> On Dienstag, 19. November 2013 16:34 Sophie wrote:
>>> So I managed to have the test run for beta2 playing on Moztrap
>>> :)
>> great, thank you very much :)
> Thanks for your feedback

you are welcome :)

>>> Can one of you have a look and give me some feedback on what
>>> tests could be missing, what need more regressions tests, etc.?
>>> You need to register to run the tests. You can play with it as
>>> you want, I'll delete the current run to have a clean run for
>>> beta2, so don't hesitate to visit what you want.
>> I have reached Test Case #11 (there is a link to
>> http://manual-test.libreoffice.org/manage/caseversion/772/),
>> where I found the following: <quote>
>> Environment Settings
>> Download the test document from attachment: language-
>> test-{language}.odt
>> </quote>
>> . But on that test there are only test documents attached for En
>> and FR so far ... :( Do you plan to add test documents for other
>> languages as well?
> not for beta2 because localization won't be ready for it, so we
> will only test in English, but I'll remove the FR doc so there is
> no confusion.


>> And in the test description there is
>> <quote>
>> Linux
>>     For spell check, install a myspell-{language} package
>>     For grammar check, install a
>>     libreoffice-languagetool-{language}
>> package
>>     For example:
>>         English language: myspell-british, myspell-american,
>> libreoffice-language-en
>>         French language: myspell-french, libreoffice-language-fr
>>         German language: myspell-german, libreoffice-language-de
>> </quote>
>> . If I see this correctly, LO is using hunspell nowadays (look at
>> "Tools – Options – Language Settings – Writing Aids". Below
>> "Available language modules" is the entry "Hunspell
>> SpellChecker", and if I am not completely wrong here, that means,
>> LO is using its internal Hunspell SpellChecker ... ;) ). And
>> LanguageTool is either an Extension for LO or a different package
>> (see www.languagetool.org) ... ;) The only grammar checker in LO
>> is the Lightproof grammar checker, but alas only for the English
>> language ... :(
> Some languages have grammar checker, but I'll clarify that for
> beta2, we will only test the en_US version. I'll check for the

Thank you :) That would be really helpful :)

> other languages when localization will be ready to be tested, may
> be RC1 or RC2.


>> And does this "libreoffice-language-$TLD mean, someone should
>> install the adequate langpack? Would it not be better to write
>> something like
>> <quote>
>> Linux
>>     spell-checker: You need to install the langpack for your
>> language for LibreOffice to test the spellchecker.
>>     grammar check: You can install the LanguageTool extension
>>     from
>> www.languagetool.org, if you want to use a grammar checker for
>> your language.
>>     For example:
>>         English language: LibreOffice langpack-en_US or en_GB
>>         French language: LibreOffice langpack-fr_FR
>>         German language: LibreOffice langpack-de_DE
>> </quote>
>> or the like?
> Here also I'll remove language information because they are not
> relevant, thanks for pointing it.

You are welcome :)

> I will need to investigate what
> is really used by the native-language communities for spell
> checker and grammar checker because I think they use different
> sources, not often build-in.


>> And there is a missing "s" in "mispelt" btw. ... ;) And some
>> strange sounding sentences, and "libreoffice" instead of
>> LibreOffice and .... (I think, I should better stop, before
>> someone kills me ... ;) ). Maybe I find some time tomorrow to try
>> to rewrite a couple of the test cases (though I would prefer, if
>> an native speaker would do this).
> I'll have a look, I've corrected/updated all the tests offline, it
> seems I missed to copy and past some of them, sorry. And I still
> struggle with some Moztrap features, but I learn each day...

How do you work on the tests offline? Have you installed 
Django/MozTrap on your machine? Or have you downloaded all the test 
cases and use translate-toolkit to work on it?
>> Sorry for the inconvenience and HTH
> On the contrary, thanks a lot for your feedback :)


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