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bfoman bfo.bugmail at spamgourmet.com
Thu Feb 6 19:44:18 CET 2014

jmadero wrote
> Yes but we need to decide a couple things:
> 1) is moving to a single list (or two) static lists best?
> 2) Should we just hold off until our own bug tracker is set up because
> then the MAB will hopefully be no longer needed as we'll just use
> priority/severity and lock them.
> I think Monday we should discuss this on call.

Well, the real question is does this project needs separate MABs for stable
branches and one unstable. 
I doubt that you can prioritize NEW bugs by just priority/severity fields in
a time based release cycle where there is no real blocker bug possible
anyway but late feature (not properly tested by QA) can land having just
three "likes" by devs. I'd really like to see some kind of tracking flags
for bugs (more like People, fix this please requests) for every 6
maintenance releases in a branch. I really liked Hard Hacks initiative,
seemed to work. Few nominated bugs got fixed. I hoped it will expand for a
whole branch cycle but the whole process died instead.
Nowadays it is more like "Dear bug reporter, I feel sorry for you, please
wait for next branch - maybe it will be fixed unless completely rewritten
with new bugs" cycle. 
What about other open-source projects? I really like what Mozilla is doing -
they have multiple channels for its browser: Current, Beta, Aurora, Nightly
with strict code landings policy across those branches (QA decides in a
way), tracking bugs for Aurora and Beta and much more time in a release
process for proper QA of landed features. Users can use those 4 different
code releases on a daily basis with automatic updates and report issues as
early as possible.
Back to LO - I don't know if splitting users on one branch (Enthusiasts,
conservative and more conservative) and having a branch recommended for
general usage after x.x.3 with just 3 more bug fix only releases is good for
QA in general. Especially when every major version have few new features to
test. Someday one or the other QA involved can say "I can't stand it! Give
me 6 bug fix releases only." :).
Best regards.
I really hope Bugzilla will be migrated on TDF infra this year - seems no
real progress atm.

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