[Libreoffice-qa] New run ready for RC3

Sophie gautier.sophie at gmail.com
Thu Jan 23 01:03:49 PST 2014

Hi Pedro,
Le 23/01/2014 09:55, Pedro a écrit :
> Hi Sophie
> sophi wrote
>> In fact, that actually has no incidence because there is no localization
>> of the tests or of the MozTrap interface available. I should better
>> remove the languages in the list than add some, that would be less
>> confusing.
>> When we will have a translation and a way to handle the translated
>> tests, all the LO language will be added :)
> But maybe there are some specific problems with Asiatic or East European
> characters and/or RTL languages (e.g. arabic) that should have separate
> cases?

Yes, of course, but I guess the tester knows that and if there is a bug
he will be able to add the language information to the description of
the problem. I mean the language info doesn't appear in the test results.
> Some comments: Test number 6 should be moved up to number 2;

not sure I can order the tests differently, but lets try :)
 there is a typo
> in the name of Test number 18 in English "Create a new Math do_c_ument"

Thanks, I'll correct it asap.


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