[Libreoffice-qa] Toolbar Proposal Completed

Jay Philips philipz85 at hotmail.com
Sun Jul 27 13:48:05 PDT 2014

On 07/27/2014 12:06 PM, Tommy wrote:
> On Sun, 27 Jul 2014 00:22:18 +0200, Jay Philips <philipz85 at hotmail.com>
> wrote:
> experienced UI users would not take any benefit from a change since they
> will keep using their custom preset

The advantage would be that they would have less buttons to add/remove
from the toolbars than they usually do, as your toolbar screenshot
showed. :)

> unexperienced user who never customized the toolbar could be disoriented
> by the new setup, thinking some buttons have been "removed"

Well change isnt a bad thing if it makes things better for users, which
is why we have new features added to libreoffice on each release.
Unexperienced users who never use buttons like data sources or
navigator, would benefit from buttons like insert image and insert
footnote. The toolbars havent been update in 9 years and with statistics
on how often users use the toolbar buttons, there are benefits to
revamping the toolbars. And with everyone taking notice of the new
toolbars, they will look at it with a new set of eyes to see what new
functionality has been brought to it.

>> And when users dont find the necessary buttons in the toolbar, they go
>> through the menus looking for the functionality.
> if they never customized it before why should they do it after you
> change the default set?

The text you quoted doesnt correspond to your reply. The text you quoted
relates to the current toolbar and when users dont find a suitable
button in it, they go to the menu to get the functionality they need.

Regarding your reply, users who never changed their toolbar would likely
not change the new set, but they have the ability to change it if they
choose, just like they currently have with the current set. You have
stated previously, "I think it's up to the user to decide which button
he needs and which he doesn't." and this choice isnt being taken from
the user with the new set.

> prepare to see useless bug reports about "button" is missing (which is
> not) etc. etc.

Of course a number of users will complain about any change that is made,
this always happens. I had a bug report that a keyboard user was no
longer able to navigate the Character dialog as he used to with a
previous version [bug 80612]:

"... but what I used to be able to do doesn't work anymore, namely press
Tab three times to get to Effects and then press down to get to small
caps: that window doesn't get focus."

With the ability for them to customize the toolbars, they can revert the
changes they wish to revert. Ultimately, you cant please everyone but
the changes are being made to benefit the majority of users. There must
have been people who complained when the toolbars were last changed when
OOo 2.0 was released. You even have users who prefer toolbars and menus
over the ribbon UI, which is why you have addons that bring back this

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