[Libreoffice-qa] Unconfirmed jump - sorry!

Joel Madero jmadero.dev at gmail.com
Tue Nov 4 07:34:06 PST 2014

@ Cor - if you'd like you can take a look yourself and move them to NEW
if you believe they should be there, here are the bugs in REOPENED
status that you are a commenter on:


Note that REOPENED should only be used if (1) the bug is assigned to a
developer; (2) the bug was previously marked fixed by assigned
developer; (3) you can reproduce the same issue on a later version after
the assigned developer reported as FIXED.

Any bug that doesn't meet the above criteria should be set to NEW (if
confirmed of course, hopefully by a third party independent person...),
or UNCONFIRMED (if not confirmed)


On 11/04/2014 07:15 AM, Joel Madero wrote:
> Yes because they were set to REOPENED incorrectly. REOPENED has a
> specific definition and they were incorrectly there. Furthermore, some
> of those bugs were "self confirmed" which we recommend against. That
> being said, if a bug is confirmed and I set it to UNCONFIRMED just set
> it to NEW and move on....there were 350+ bugs incorrectly set...you'll
> see more moving to UNCONFIRMED if they were set incorrectly to begin
> with. Also the comments that you points out didn't clearly confirm the
> bugs that I asked. Anyways, expect more.
> Best,
> Joel
> On 11/04/2014 01:13 AM, Cor Nouws wrote:
>> Hi Joel,
>> Joel Madero wrote on 04-11-14 04:47:
>>> So I just booted about 50 bugs over to UNCONFIRMED so that list has
>>> jumped. I'm going through the rest of the list of about 280 more bugs -
>> Sorry that I'm not fully aware of what's going on here, but I'm rather
>> annoyed by the fact that bugs that I have spend precious time on in the
>> past, to test and confirm, now are reset to unconfirmed...
>> e.g. 35275, 35917, 35954, 83373.
>> If the goal is that the issues are retested for some reason, then pls
>> indicate that. Or do it yourself.
>> Thanks!

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