[Libreoffice-qa] Performance regression of Impress file opening in LO5 OSX

Italo Vignoli italo at libreoffice.org
Wed Apr 22 11:22:33 PDT 2015

On 22/04/15 18:46, Alexander Thurgood wrote:

> As I don't use Impress much, in fact hardly at all, I can not say, but
> definitely with the docuent provided in the bug, LO5 is as slow as a
> snail (as timed in my experiments). And yes, I agree with you that it
> appears to be the rendering that takes up the most time - the question
> is why ? Even for your tests, a time difference comparison of 5 for LO4
> to 40s for LO5 is a significant loss in performance.

Being a long time Mac user, and a heavy Impress user, I can tell that
every pre-release of OOo and LibreOffice - since 2006 - has been slower
than the final release, which seems to be the case for LibreOffice 5.0
as well. In this case, though, we have the additional burden of the
operating system, as OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) has a number of problems per
se, and there is a large number of applications behaving improperly or
slowing down significantly either at launch or at shut down (for
instance, Thunderbird takes ages to close).

I will make tests on the less powerful Mac (the one I am using now is
the top of the MacBook line, with 16GB of RAM, an eight core processor
and a fast SSD, and tends to be always faster than anything else). The
other MacBook is a more standard PC, with 4GB of RAM and a dual core
processor, and is representing a larger number of user cases.

I have hundreds of presentations on my hard disk, so I will make tests
with different cases: native ODP, imported PPT saved as ODP, imported
PPTX saved as ODP, etcetera.

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