[Libreoffice-qa] NEW Bug Mass Ping Round 2

Joel Madero jmadero.dev at gmail.com
Wed Jan 7 12:57:21 PST 2015

Hey All,

> On 06.01.2015 23:58, Joel Madero wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> So I suppose we'll start chunking into the next set relatively quickly.
>> I was thinking at the end of January doing anything 22 months or more,
>> slowly decrease this to 12 months. I don't want to hit all of these at
>> once as there are already nearly 1600. So I think slowly going from 22,
>> 20, 18...etc... until we're down to 12 months and then run both this
>> ping as well as the NEEDINFO ping every month on the 1st. Let me know
>> how this sounds.
> i think pinging NEW bugs in the same interval as NEEDINFO bugs is wrong
> - the interval for NEW bugs should be *at least* twice as long, perhaps
> 4x, because the NEW bugs are already confirmed whereas the NEEDINFO ones
> are not and are likely to be closed INVALID, and we have to take care
> not to annoy people *regularly* too often for every confirmed bug.
> of course, in the unlikely case that say 50% of pinged NEW bugs turn out
> to be fixed then i'm wrong :)

Let me clarify, the NEW bugs will only be pinged if they are 1 or more
years old, but the ping will happen every month (so on the 1st of the
month I'll check for NEW bugs that haven't changed in a year), for
NEEDINFO that time frame is 6 months. Just the ping itself will happen
on the 1st, but the time frame for the query is different for each.


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