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   Here is the problem: I filed this bug in the beginning. Since that time, it has been marked fixed for 5.01. The patch to fix this is in the daily builds. I have downloaded a daily build on July 20 ( The problem still exists for the Debian version for both x86 and x86_64. (I use Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit and 14.04 for 32bit). and have the same bug.
   So, this is where I get confused. It is marked as fixed, but the available daily builds and RC Debian versions still have the bug. What do I do?


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Hey Dan,

So a couple things:
1) It's rarely appropriate to report a new bug that is reporting behavior that is already reported - the only time this really is appropriate is if the original bug is really old and was fixed at some point - then reporting a new issue is best;

2) REOPENED should really never be used unless you know what it means - that the bug was reported FIXED by a developer and someone on the bug report still sees the issue on the release that the developer marked it as FIXED for - else UNCONFIRMED or NEW (confirmed)...if the bug went to WORKSFORME then UNCONFIRMED is probably best to get another person to confirm the issue;

3) Comments should include your version of LibreOffice, your operating system, and if the bug report doesn't already have clear repro steps and simple attachments, then add those as well.



On 07/25/2015 05:10 AM, Dan Lewis wrote:
      I have downloaded RC4 this morning. I will be checking this bug against it. If I find a problem, do I add a comment to the bug, or do I file a new bug? Two days ago, I added a comment to this bug after testing it against that day's daily build. The bug was still there. I reopened it at that point. This is why I am asking. I'm not sure I did the right thing in reopening the bug.
     I will list my results by this afternoon (I live in eastern US).


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