[Libreoffice-ux-advise] Option for gridline display in Calc (fdo#30800)

André Schnabel andre.schnabel at gmx.net
Sun Jun 26 07:26:27 PDT 2011


Am 25.06.2011 22:45, schrieb Cor Nouws:
>> I put some notes and sample screenshots to the wiki:
>> http://wiki.documentfoundation.org/User:Andreschnabel/Spec_Calc_grid_lines_on_colored_background
>> Comments are welcome.
> Maybe sorry for you, but I have no strong preference
> I hope though that the example given, might help in discussing:
> E.g.  "we really want to get rid of that" or the opposite "yes, that
> is how de we it and want to go on" ...

Well, as there are not so many comments, I'm going to implement the
additional (trir-state) drop down in Calc - View.

Will update the wiki page with this.



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