[Libreoffice-ux-advise] Killed the ButtonBar in slide sorter

Stefan Knorr heinzlesspam at gmail.com
Wed Sep 26 15:04:06 PDT 2012

Hi there,

On Wed, 2012-09-26 at 11:57 +0200, Jan Holesovsky wrote:
> Hi Cor,
> Cor Nouws píše v St 26. 09. 2012 v 11:49 +0200:
> > > Please note that Renaissance is 3-4 years old project.
> > 
> > So them problems identified at that time have been solved ;-) ?
> No, the solution offered at that time is not valid any more ;-)  Worse -
> proved as annoying.

Well, sort of anyway. I guess one thing to take away from this incident
and the other about the header/footer indicators is that
(understandably) our users don't like functionality flashing in and out
for no good reason. Or put more seriously, functionality must not solely
rely on hovering the mouse over some part of the UI.
(Yes, sure, hand over that award for restating the painfully obvious
after Mirek already did that.)

At the same time, I think the current solution of just removing
functionality that is useful (at least to me in at least 80% of cases,
so count me among those who [mostly] praise it) is a bit frivolous.
I personally would have been more in favour of making the overlay bar
appear only after clicking on a slide where it could then have stayed,
until the user selected another slide.

About Mirek's idea of making the functionality a toolbar proper, I am
not so sure, as the code between the slide sorter and the slide sidebar
is shared and I would suspect a full-width three-button toolbar would
look rather lost below the slide sorter.

> Nope, the removed functionality is still accessible by other, less
> annoying means: in the right-click menu (for the fast access), or via
> the Presentation toolbar (that is not that conveniently located, as
> Mirek pointed out, but provides the functionality).

Well, I suspect the Renaissance people have put it there for a reason
and they might have thought about reusing existing infrastructure. (Btw,
I think Mirek is proposing a new toolbar – not reusing the Presentation
toolbar which doesn't provide functionality for hiding slides and
duplicating slides, only for starting the slide show. I should let Mirek
clarify that, though, I guess...)


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