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Mirek M. mazelm at gmail.com
Mon Aug 5 02:45:33 PDT 2013

Hi again,
I was hoping someone else would comment, because I'm not well-versed in the
iOS HIG and I don't care much for the platform. It doesn't help that the
iOS 7 HIG is hidden behind an Apple ID login, which I don't have -- if you
have one, take a look at the HIG [1] and the iOS 7 UI transition guide [2].
Based on what I've gathered from articles, screens, and videos about iOS,
though, here are my comments and concerns:
* The swipe-in sidebar might not work on iOS 7 devices, as the swipe from
the left side of the screen is used to go back. I'd recommend installing an
iOS 7 beta to test out your app, and instead of a swipe-in sidebar, how
about a pinch-out overview like on the Android app? As a plus, it won't be
possible to accidentally show the sidebar when you meant to go to the last
* The style seems to be an odd combination of iOS 6 and iOS 7 styles.
Please pick one and go with it (I would say iOS 7 is a better choice). It
would be good to use orange as the accent color, like we do on Android.
* I don't quite understand the layout slide show control pad. Why is the
next slide shown on the left whan one gets to it by swiping to the right?
Why is it shown at all?
* What does the Touch Pointer in settings do and how is it different from
the Pointer button in slide view?
* I think it's important to show the clock in the presentation control pad,
as that's the screen the presenter will be on the most.
* On the "New Server" page, "Server Name" should just read "Name" and it
should be below the "IP address" entry, as it's optional. The label below
is unnecessary.
* The Slide sidebar seems undiscoverable. Please have a button for it,
preferably in the main toolbar.
* I don't think "Stop Presentation" should get such prominent placement.
(After all, it's only used once, and you really don't want to tap it by
accident.) I'd suggest replacing it with a "Back" button, but only if the
presentation can be restored right away if the button is accidentally
tapped. If not, I'd suggest putting it in the menu.
* I don't think the slide show preview page is necessary.

BTW, what's in that menu? It'd be good to know.

[1] https://developer.apple.com/library/etc/redirect/WWDR/iOSHIG
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