[Libreoffice] ./download doesn't work behind a proxy

Florian Effenberger floeff at documentfoundation.org
Wed Nov 3 06:10:14 PDT 2010


Michael Meeks wrote on 2010-11-03 12.15:

>> 	I guess the real question is: why is there no http git support from
>> freedesktop.org; and can we change that - let me poke someone about it.
> 	In extremis, we can easily have a cron job on some other machine, that
> will just pull the repos to somewhere that another web-server can expose
> them: that is if there is no easy fix for freedesktop.
> 	Then of course, we'd need to adapt to and handle the error case in
> download.in to use the new location. Patches to do at least that piece
> much appreciated.

I'm no git expert, but if someone comes up with a script, that should be 
no problem. We can mid-term also host our own git, but for the moment, 
I'd stick with FD.


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