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On 17/11/10 16:18, René Kjellerup wrote:
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> Why the oracle copyright notice in the new file too?
> Shouldn't they have a TDF notice instead ?

The whole point of a copyright notice is to say who *OWNS* the
copyright, and the date of that ownership.

Just because TDF has forked OOo doesn't mean we now legally own it.
> Just asking

Doing as you suggest (removing the Oracle notice) is actually
*illegal*!!! (unless we remove all the Oracle-owned code at the same
time :-) If you don't know what you're doing, you should NEVER alter a
copyright notice - just add a new one claiming your own copyright on the
code you yourself wrote and added.

Whoops - just noticed what you said about "new" file. If it truly is
new, then no it shouldn't have an Oracle notice. However, I get the
impression that it's actually just a rename, so no, legally it isn't new.
> Regards
> René
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