[Libreoffice] [PUSHED] Re: SmNodeToTextVisitor Fixes

Luke Dixon 6b8b4567 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 25 09:46:44 PST 2010

Hello Caolán,

> I suggest you cut and paste the header from
> http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/LibreOffice/LicenseHeader
> into the top of that new file and stick your name in there as the
> original contributor as it is new code.

Thanks, that means a lot to me. I've attached a patch which does this.
Though I must mention that I had copied the test you had added and just
changed some bits.

> As an aside, in the test_starmath.cxx I hope to make it a cppunit
> build-time test equivalent testautomation/math/required/ and enable it
> to be built and executed on all platforms. I've been struggling a little
> bit with converting tests from
> testautomation/math/required/includes/m_002_.inc e.g. tmEditMarker into
> a build-time cppunit test given the dependencies that SmEditWindow has
> on basically a fully functioning Office environment, which I want to
> avoid. Easiest thing I'm now thinking is to tweak SmEditWindow itself to
> make it standlone testable.

Unfortunately I think I've jumped in a bit too deep here.
Looking at SmEditWindow it seems to depend on quite a bit of stuff that
I don't understand. I think that you are right about tweaking it so it
doesn't depend on these though, trying to fake the other parts would be
a nightmare.
I would offer to help, but I don't think I would know where to begin.
I'm very sorry.


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