[Libreoffice] Checkboxes and Radio Buttons in menus

Caolán McNamara caolanm at redhat.com
Tue Oct 5 02:37:30 PDT 2010

So, I'd already done some work on these, some of which was already in
LibreOffice on day 0, but I've extended it a bit. Building on Noel's
work for some VBA foo we can now tag a menu entry in the xml description
files of the UI to be a radio button instead of a checkbox, e.g. 
see sw/uiconfig/swriter/menubar/menubar.xml with "menu:style="radio"

So mutually exclusive menu entries should use radio buttons, not
checkboxes as any basic HIG states. i.e. in calc view->normal and
view->page break preview are mutually exclusive and are now radio
buttons, and so on for view->print layout and view->page layout in

There are two (known) remaining oddities, 

a) In calc window->split and window->freeze are sort of mutually
exclusive. I wonder if we should have a three state radio-box set there,
"normal" or something better than that as a name, "split" and "freeze".

b) The view menu in impress which makes me cry a little. There are
really 8 mutually exclusive options, normal, outline, slide sorter,
slide show, notes page, handout page, master, notes master. The last two
are tucked away in a sub menu but really entries belonging to the full
mutually exclusive set of 8 different views.

[1] A related change is that there is a "show icons in menus" feature
which defaults to "automatic" where automatic is ON for windows, OFF for
aqua and tracks the gtk-menu-images for GNOME. When there is an image
provided for a radio-button entry (which is rare) and
show-icons-in-menus is *on* then you continue to get a depressable image
for option-buttons, when it is *off* then you get a radio-button.



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