[Libreoffice] build or rawbuild dir?

Jan Holesovsky kendy at suse.cz
Fri Oct 29 15:12:56 PDT 2010

Hi Michael, all,

Michael Meeks píše v Pá 29. 10. 2010 v 21:41 +0100:

> 	The screwed up situation of having these two places to build, two
> different conflicting makefiles with different rules etc. needs to be
> cleared up ASAP - post the branch / freeze over the weekend, this
> needs to be one of the first things we fix I think.

Indeed :-)  So let me outline the plan here, so that people can scream
before I do that.  [Actually, it was Petr's idea, so praise him if you
like it, but blame me if not :-)]

The idea is to forget the 'build' repository in the normal process, and
let it only for the documentation, and for the distro maintainers - if
they need it at all.  'bootstrap' would become the new main repo, and
would have the following layout:

  /stlport # ie. the stuff it contains even now, plus

  /clone   # equivalent of build/clone we have now, containing

  ~zlib    # links to the clone/*/[module], ie. equivalent of the
           # content of rawbuild/

  /bin     # for scripts needed, namely 'g'

It will need some shuffling around, eg. the already mentioned 'g' script
(that will work both on 'bootstrap' itself, as well as on the repos in
clone/) will have to be moved from the build repo, or the ./download

Also, we'll need to update bootstrap's configure.in to have the defaults
same as the current default LibreOffice{Linux,Win32,MacOSX}Devel distro.

Let me know if it works for you - hopefully yes :-)


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